Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Signs, Limits, Love

* Started this one the other day and forgot to finish and post it....

Signs Signs
Outside our grocery store, in the middle of one of the cross walks, is a big old orange cone with a big old sign attached to it cautioning cars to yield and watch out for pedestrians.

Sunday afternoon as Sean, Lucy and I were walking into Market Basket, a woman in an SUV the size of Texas was pulled up in front of the entrance letting someone out. When her passenger was out of the car, the woman pulled away and ran over said orange cone cautioning cars to watch out for pedestrians

We watched it happen, along with another customer and his child. The three adults, (Sean, myself and said stranger) politely ducked our heads and stifled our laughter.

Lucy, however, pointed at the woman, started laughing hysterically (and loudly) and yelling Oh no! Look out! Uh Oh!!!!

A girl's gotta have limits
We've been told that at the age of 2, children start to become possessive and understand the concept and meaning of Mine. Lucy is no exception. She has a clear and concise mind when it comes to knowing what is hers, what is Daddy's and what is Mummy's...right down to who sits in what chair at the dinner table and in the car.
Though she is getting better about sharing things (toys, stickers, crayons, books) sharing her animals can be a bit much for her.

Sean's oldest and dearest friend Gareth is coming to visit us in May. I was telling Lucy this the other day....the conversation went something like this...

Me: Uncle Gareth is going to be here soon for his visit Lucy.
She thinks about it for a second and says

Lucy: Mama, he no sleep in Lucy's big girl bed!!
Me: No silly, he'll sleep in the big bed in the other room
Lucy: No Mama, that's Lucy's other bed!
(The second bedroom is where one of us would end up sleeping with Lucy while she was sick and for a spell, she called it her big bed; apparently she still thinks of it as hers!)
Me: Now Lucy - you need to share. Besides, you have two beds already; your little girl bed and your big girl bed.
Lucy: Oh.....OK Mama.......but he not playing with Lucy's toys!
Me: Lucy Ellen! We need to share with our friends, remember? Just like you share toys at school with Jack Jack, Ry-Guy, Naa-naa and Caiti....
She tilts her head and in her little sweetest voice says
OK Mama, I share....but he's NOT playing with my animals!!!

All you need is love
Sean and I are truing really hard to do the date night thing. It was a resolution I made to have one date night a month. Ideally, we'd like to go out for said date night but would Sean would settle for us watching a movie in which I actually sit next to him on the couch and not fold laundry, do work or surf the gossip sites on the Internet.

January and February, we actually made it out of the house. March and April were sort of a bust though I do believe we were able to catch a movie or two with minimal interruption.
We have a date night planned for this weekend and have lined up Roaslie from Day Care to watch after Lucy.

Rosalie, Rosie as Lucy so fondly calls her, may be one of the sweetest girls I have ever met and has more love in her little being for Lucy than anyone outside Sean and I.
She sees Lucy and her face lights up as Lucy yells My Rosie! and reaches for her.
When I pick Lucy up at night from Day Care, she must always, ALWAYS, hug and kiss Rosie before leaving....and Rosie kindly obliges.
Even on her grumpiest days, Rosie can make her smile and Rosie is the only one who can do her hair.

I told Lucy that Rosie is coming to play with her this weekend....

Me: Lucy, Rosie is going to come play with you this weekend, would you like that?
Lucy: Mama! Rosie is coming to Lucy's house?!
Me: Yes Lucy, Rosie is coming to Lucy's house! What do you think of that?
Lucy: (giggling) Rosie gonna play with Lucy?
Me: Yep, Rosie will play with you and read to you and maybe you can do stickers and draw like you did last time Rosie was here....remember?
Lucy: Rosie comin' Rosie comin'!!!
Me: She is Lucy! Rosie is coming to Lucy's house!
Lucy: Hot Diggity Dog!!!!

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