Thursday, May 12, 2011

Or what, Pretty Princess, Boo Boo, Spartacus

Knight in shining armor
This morning, Sean did something heroic while putting Lucy in the car (he either retrieved something she dropped or managed to get her in the car without bonking her head on the door)

He says to Lucy, Is Daddy great or what?

Lucy looks at him ever so seriously and without missing a beat says with a shrug, Or what…

What was I thinking?
Ever since watching The Wedding, Lucy asks at least twice a day if she can see the Pretty Princess or where the Pretty Girl is. I can usually distract her but have had to, on occasion, pull up pictures of The Wedding on line so she can get her fix.

Last night, Lucy asks, as she is sitting down to dinner, Mama! Where the Pretty Princess? I want to see the Pretty Princess!

Well Lucy, I say in an attempt to distract her, Mama doesn't know where the Pretty Princess is right now…..she's probably eating dinner….

Lucy groaned and gave a sigh (it was a glimpse into the future to her being 15) and replied all arrogantly and annoyed

Mama! She's in the TV!! Geez!

Lucy fix it
My Dad got hurt over the weekend – he is fine, just a little run in with a chainsaw

I received the call Saturday morning and within two hours, my youngest sister (who lives in Watertown) and I were in the car headed to Maine.

My sister arrived at my house and we lingered for a few minutes for my good byes to Sean and Lucy. In that time, Auntie Mikel showed us the boo-boo on her hand…her knuckle had a terrible wound on it….the kind you get from punching people (or when you are carrying a laundry basket upstairs and scrape you hand on the wall)

The scab was a bit fresh and was starting to peel back. Lucy decided Auntie Mikel should have one of her Nu Now Stickers (a Miss Kitty Band Aid) as they fix everything. So Lucy and I fetched a sticker for Auntie Mike and she was healed.

Sean explained my sudden departure and absence to Lucy by telling her that Papa had a boo boo and Mama was going to see him.

When I got home, Lucy inquired about Papa's boo boo

Papa all right Mama?

Yes honey, Papa will be okay

Papa has a boo boo?

Yes Lucy, Papa got a big boo boo but he'll be okay

Oh, good Mama.

I thought that was the end of it…until Monday night when I was getting Lucy ready for her bath. I went into the hall closet for something and did not close the door tightly behind me. A few minutes later, I heard Lucy rustling around in there

Mama! Help Mama!

Lucy what are you doing?

I came around the corner to see Lucy standing on her tip toes trying to reach something and the contents of the closet now in the hallway and some falling down around her (note: yes, my fault for leaving the door open but the only things that she can reach are the small boxes of band aids and the toilet paper and paper towels. No Lucys were harmed in this story)

Getting a sticker Mama

Honey, what do you need a sticker for? Do you have a boo boo?

By now, the box had fallen to the floor and Lucy fished out a Nu-now sticker

No Mama. Lucy no boo boo. This is for Papa, Lucy fix it! Lucy fix Papa's boo boo, like I fixed Auntie Mike……

I mailed it to Papa the next day with a special note from Lucy explaining to him the super healing powers of Miss Kitty band aids….and ice cream

I am Spartacus
I think I may have mentioned a blog or two ago there is a biter at school and Lucy has fallen victim to said biter multiple times. After being assured by the teachers that Lucy was not doing anything to provoke said attacks (the child is apparently having issues and they have manifested themselves in the behavior of biting other people) I quizzed Lucy as to who was biting her because the teachers cannot tell me – and I respect that but like any parent, curiousity was getting the better of me

Lucy, who bit you?

I don't know Mama…

You don't know who bit you?

Uhh, Mama bit Lucy!

No I didn't! Who bit you Lucy?

Then she would name her teachers, all the kids in the class…she even blamed one of her friends who does not even go to school with her!

I told Sean how I quizzed her and she would not crack

She's like a vault! I said. She could totally keep state secrets!

Do you think they told her not to tell he asked

No, they would never do that, I say. They know better……I think in her little head, she knows what the other kid did was wrong and he or she got in trouble so she won't tell me because she does not want to get the kid in more trouble…..or maybe she just does not remember……I mean really, can a 2 year old already get the idea of covering for some? Like she's really standing up and saying No I'm Spartacus….she probably just forgot who bit her…..

I went to a seminar the other day so I picked Lucy up a little early. When I got there, Georgette was just getting ready to read Where the Wild Things Are. Where that is one of Lucy's favorite stories, and I was sort of crimping her style, she wanted to stay and hear the story. After making sure it was okay, Lucy settled into the story circle. I sat outside the circle trying not to be disruptive (I'm a terrible student).

The kids were all around Georgette watching and listening…and yes, fidgeting a bit but the story was getting good……they had to fidget….the Wild Things were gnashing their terrible teeth, rolling their terrible eyes and roaring their terrible roars….

Just as the story finished and Max was home in his room with his dinner (that was still warm) I saw one of the boys turn and look at the little boy behind him – and then boy #1 leaned over and bit boy #2 right in the chest! For no reason! Crying ensued; boy #1 was spoken to and removed from his friends; boy #2 was snuggled and the other teacher got all other kids out of the mix. Lucy turned and ran into my arms and so Ok Mama, now we go.

So now, I know who the biter is.

We're in the car and I say Hey Lucy….

Yeah Mama, she says in between bites of her ride home snack

So was it (boy #1) who bit you?

Uhhhh…she tosses another fruit snack in her mouth trying to avoid my question.

Was it ______ who bit you too?

No Mama, it was…and then she listed all the kids in her class!!!

I swear, after she said everyone else's name, she whispered Spartacus….

Maria, the Mum

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