Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You are only as old as.....

You give me fever
Awhile back, somebody mentioned his daughter had Bieber Fever
That’s awful, I say, is she on antibiotics?
He looked at me sort of funny and said what do you mean?
Well how are the Doctors treating it? I’m not even sure what it is….is she bedridden? Is it like malaria or Dengue Fever?
No, he said, trying not to laugh, Bieber Fever, as in Justin Bieber….
Oh, so is that like a kissing disease from her boyfriend? Wait, is she old enough to have a boyfie…why are you laughing at me….?

What's in a name

I drive by this road every day on my way home from work. For the longest time, I thought it would be fun to live on that street so I could tell people I live on Old Man Street.
So one day, I decided to take Old Man Street to see where it led …turns out, it’s called Old MAIN Street.

I haven't know you long but

When I first met the parents of one of Lucy’s little friends, they were both getting ready to turn 30; I was getting ready to turn 38.
Not knowing how old I was, the Mum point blank asked me.
Almost 38 I replied.
Her eyes opened wide, her jaw dropped and she says Oh my God! I had no idea you were THAT old! You’re like my oldest friend……

Babysitting Blues
On the rare occasion that Sean and I are able to get out and have a date night, we usually have a friend watch Lucy. But at some point, we knew we'd have to let someone other than a friend watch her - so we asked a couple of teachers at Lucy's Day Care if they'd be interested and what they charged.
I almost fell over when I learned they make between $10-$15 an hour. I just made that much at my first job out of colleges and I had to pay taxes. I made that comment one day to someone and he looked at me and said well that was the '80's........I graduated from college in '94.....

Late Bloomer
I started late…I got married late, had a child late….not that it really upsets or bothers me but it was made painfully real when I realized that my friend Melissa, who has a 16 year old daughter, could be a grandmother before Lucy even gets to High School…that I’ll probably have to get a sitter to go to her daughter’s wedding….that my daughter could babysit Melissa's grandchildren……

Married?!? Yeah, Married
I remember getting up to watch Princess Di and Prince Charles get married. I was 8, almost 9 and remember it like it was yesterday.
In the days before Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding, I was talking to some of my neighbors about it while our kids were playing. Someone asked me if I would get up to watch it because my husband is British.
I said No, I’d get up to watch it regardless just as I got up to watch the Prince’s Mother get married. I love Royal Weddings….
One of the Mum’s looked at me with shock and amazement; You remember that Wedding?

God yes, I say..... And I remember when Luke and Laura got married (on General Hospital) a few months later.....don't you?
Uh No, she says, I was like 3….and who are Luke and Laura?

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