Monday, May 16, 2011

What am I, Who Dat

What am I
Lucy has discovered that we have names. She takes great delight in pointing at her Dad and saying

Daddy is Sean. Daddy a boy!
She then points at me and says Mama is Maria (comes out sounding like Ma-e-a).
Then she points at herself and says Lucy is Lucy! Lucy a girl!

I noticed that she did not identify me as a girl (see previous blog, so I asked her again

Lucy, Daddy is a boy?
Yeah Mama!
And Lucy is a girl?
Yeah Mama!
So is Mama a girl?

No silly Mama!
Well what's Mama then?
Uhh, Mama is just Mama......! Not a boy, not a girl! Mama is a mummy!

Are you sure Mama isn't a girl? I think Mama is a girl like Lucy.....

No! Mama can't be a girl! Mama has to be the Mama!!!

OK, you win....

Thanks Mama!

Who that
The phone rang the other night as I was sitting Lucy down for dinner. She starts yelling

Hi Yo Noni?
Hi Yo Papa?
Hi Yo Daddy?
Who dat Mama?

It was a telemarketer

Lucy, when Mama is on the phone, you can't yell like that. It's not very nice, it's rude Lucy. And Mama can't hear the person on the phone

Sorry Mama

Its okay Lucy. Thank you. so next time Mama is on the phone, what will you do?

Lucy looks up for a minute pondering my question (or seeking out an answer from God), then leans over her plate looking at me and says in a whisper
Hi Yo Noni?
Hi Yo Papa?
Hi Yo Daddy?

Maria, the Mum

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