Monday, May 30, 2011


What's it look like I'm doing?
The other night, while dressing Lucy for bed, she pulled her foot up to her nose

What are you doing I asked?

Scratching my nose Mama!

What's for lunch?
Yesterday afternoon, while wandering around Boston Common, Sean spotted a butterfly and pointed it out to Lucy. She watched the butterfly for a few seconds when it abruptly flew away

Where he go Mama?

To get lunch I replied

Oh Mama.....

What do you think he eats for lunch Lucy?

Ummmmm......a hotdog!

What's your name?
A week or so ago, I asked Lucy who a picture on the refrigerator was of (it was her)

That's me! she replied hopping up and down

Who are you I asked?

I Lucy Ellen Sykes!

I almost fell over, I had no idea she knew her full name....and she just busted out with Lucy Ellen Sykes....pretty cool the first time you hear it.

She also, as I mentioned a few blogs back, has figured out that Sean and I have first names, we're not just Daddy and Mama.

This morning, while making breakfast for Lucy, she was pointing to the pictures on the refrigerator and naming the person in each photo :

There Daddy, Lucy, Papa, Noni, Cooper, Mama, Lucy, Daddy, Lucy, Lucy......

Hey Lucy...what's your name?

Lucy Ellen Sykes!

What's Daddy's name?


What's Mama's name?


What's Daddy's whole name....?

Uhhhhhhhhh........Sean Daddy Sykes!

Maria, the Mum

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