Friday, May 6, 2011

Girlfriend, Where o where has my little dog gone

Daddy knows best
As told to me by Sean:

I was dropping Lucy off at Day Care yesterday morning and while walking to the door, I spotted Jake and his Dad getting out of their car.

(Jake is a little boy in Lucy's class...for a spell, she did not really like him as he slammed a chair down on her leg but they seem to have made witnessed by the following exchange)

Is that Jake? I asked her

Mmmmhmm, that Jakie!

I opened the door to herd her in but she yelled No Daddy! We have to wait for Jakie!

So we stood at the door and Jake and his Dad walked towards us as Lucy hollered out in greeting Jaaaakkie!!

When and his Dad reached us, Jake squared off in front of me, looked me square in the eye and proclaimed

Lucy's my girlfriend!
Lucy's your girlfriend? I asked
Yeah Jake confirmed

Well, I replied, I'm always the last to know........

Where you at?
In the car, on the way to the doctor, Lucy pipes up and says in a slightly falsetto voice with great inflection:
Hey Girlfriend! Where we going?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Our neighbor Pat is on vacation and by that I mean for the first time since we've lived here, she has actually gone away and is not around. This has totally disrupted Lucy's little life as almost every night upon our arrival home, we stop in to see Pat and the puppies.

On the way home, Lucy lets out a big sigh and announces

Mama, I miss Pat........

A bit later, still in the car, Lucy lets out another big sigh....

Mama, I miss Kristen (our other neighbor we adore)
Mama, I miss Roger (Kristen's boyfriend)
An even bigger ***SIGH**
Mama....said in a voice so lamenting and sad I responded
What's the matter baby?
I miss all the puppies so much....... (referring to Pat's two dogs Ebie and Ollie and Kristen's dog Jet)
I know honey, we'll see them soon
Ok Mama (sniffle, sigh, sniffle) Ok, I can wait.........

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