Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm leaving, BFF, A miracle

Like a good neighbor
Pat is our next door neighbor; she lives with her two dogs Ollie and Ebony...Lucy loves the puppies as much as she loves Pat.

One day a couple weeks ago, we had just come home from Day Care. Lucy was having a bit of a strop because I told her no she could not do something. She asked one more time and one more time I said no.

Mama, she yelled, I'm going to live with Pat! and she marched to the front door

On the way home from Day Care today, Lucy was in the back seat having her on the way home snack. Out of the blue she says

Mama, I like Caiti's Daddy
Oh good Lucy, I'm glad
Mama, I like Caiti's Mummy
Me too Lucy, I like them too
Yes Lucy?
I love Caiti

It's a miracle
There's a couple that lives across the circle from us, their daughter is 6 months younger than Lucy. Last summer, Lucy was running all over the place while Calin was still trying to figure out how to crawl.

This evening, Lucy was sitting at the table eating dinner when she spotted Calin and her Mum outside. Calin's Mum was pushing her along in one of those Little Tikes Cars.

There's the baby Mama she informed me in a matter of fact voice pointing out the window
Oh yeah, I see them Lucy

Lucy continued eating and I started washing the dishes

All of a sudden, she let out a shriek, Mama!
What Lucy? What's wrong?

Lucy was pointing out the window again and struggling to get out of her booster seat

She started to yell and wave wildly at at the window
The baby is walking! The baby is walking!!!

Maria, the Mum

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