Friday, August 19, 2011

Am I serious?

So if I'm going to be serious about this blogging thing, I have a few things I need to do:

Learn (take the time) to edit - or hire an editor - I am taking applications, you  must be willing to work for cookies, dinner, or M&Ms

Learn how to do pictures - that is upload them into said blog - which poor Sean has shown me at least 110 times but I'm just not as smart as I look (don't let the glasses fool you!)

Get a badge or a button - everyone has one, I think I should too...I'm not 100% what they do or how they work but they look so fun on all the other pages I visit

Learns how to add some one's badge or button to my page - again, caving to peer pressure but if I'm gonna hang with the Top Mommy Bloggers, I gotta make connections and badges and buttons seems to be the way to do it...its like getting pinned....or being asked to wear some one's class ring....

Finish the blogs I start.....I have at least 6  that I've started and just not brain goes too fast sometimes and I feel like I lose my I don;t finish....

Pick a time to write....I used to do morning pages - I used to do a lot of things! But wifehood and motherhood trump everything so right now, I write when I can (on conference calls, when reports are running, Sean is bathing Lucy, I'm waiting for the laundry....) someone asked me once if I actually worked because it looked like I did all my blogging while I was on the job...yes I work! And no, I don't sit on the job and blog...I write on  my lunch hour and when Sean and I are watching TV at night....and yeah, sometimes I write at work because I need a ten minute break from what I've been doing,....sometimes, I think of something while I am at work, open a new post, jot down my idea then come back and finish it later...but what I've discovered is that the blog time stamp is when I opened the post, not when I published it - so there!
I will admit though I do usually end up publishing when I'm at the office - mostly because when I finish writing, I read it a couple times (not that well as you can tell from spelling and tense errors) and my computer at work is quicker than my laptop at home.

I am open to any and all comments, concerns and suggestions...and if you know how to design a button/badge or even a blog page, even better...

Maria, the Mum who wants to also be a Blogger

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