Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dancing Queen

Lucy and I went up to Maine for the American Folk Festival that Sean and my Dad work at every year.

The Festival kicked off Friday night with a Parade led by Stooges Brass Band from New Orleans

Lucy started out in her stroller and as the Parade approached, the music got louder, the crowd was getting their folk on and Lucy was more desperate to get out...but did not want to put her shoes back on

Mama! Lucy dance! she exclaimed as she rocked back in forth in her stroller.
Mama! Lucy get out and dance?

If you want to get out Lucy, you need to put your dancing shoes on!

Lucy ceased her protests and stopped straining against the straps of her stroller long enough to look at me and declare, to the great amusement of the people around us:

Mama! Those not my dancing shoes! Those are Crocs!!!

Maria, the Mum

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