Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Lucy and I joined Sean in Maine last week with every intention of staying through the weekend...but with the impending storm (Irene), we decided that Lucy and I would head home much earlier than planned.

Saturday morning, Lucy and I set off for the 250 mile drive home - Lucy was asleep by mile 4...we weren't even on the highway yet. There was a fair bit of traffic but it was moving and though the sky was tumbling and dark by the time I hit the 150 mile mark, the rain held off.

I had no intention of stopping....I just wanted to get home as my least favorite thing to do is drive in the rain. Lucy stayed asleep until we were about 20 miles from the Big Green Bridge when she awoke with a small sigh and the declaration

I wanna watch Heffalump! Please Mama? I  love the Heffalump!

Wanting to keep her happy (read quiet) and stay on the road, I obliged and twisted and contorted in my seat to get the iPad in the holder and the movie started. Before I hit play, I decided I should do the responsible thing and perform a diaper check
Lucy is pretty good at telling us what is or is not going on in her diaper so I asked her
How's your tuckus
I waited for her to respond by telling me she had a wet diaper, or that she had pooped. Instead, she said

My tuckus is fine Mummy...but my vajayjay is wet

Lucy and I made it home in one piece though the sky turned so black at one point that I was was waiting for the horsemen to come riding down from the heavens.

We stopped for gas 2 miles from home and as I was filling the tank, it started to sprinkle....by the time we pulled up to the house, it was pouring rain.

Lucy gazed out the window as the rain fell and sang a couple lines of the song she always sings (never the same way twice) when it rains:

It raining it pouring old man bumped his head.....

Twice, she shushed the rain and bemoaned it was making too much noise (as it hit the roof of the car) and she could not hear her movie:

Sshhhh Rain! Stop! I watchin' Nemo! Ssshh, too loud  (wagging her finger out the window)!!!
SSHHHH, this is best part!!!

I told Lucy that I was going to empty the car and then come back for her as it was raining hard and I did not want her to get wet.

She pipes up, with all  seriousness and appreciation:

Good idea Mama, I no want to get my hair wet

Sunday, after the storm had passed, the winds had died down, and Sean was home safely, we ventured outside to see the tree that had fallen and crashed through the fence in the neighbor's yard. As we walked out the front door, Lucy spied all the branches and leaves that had fallen throughout the yard.

With a sigh and a heavy heart, she declared

What a mess!

While I was packing our stuff up to leave Maine Friday afternoon, I let Lucy play on my laptop. I opened up a blank word document and just let her type away - she thinks its pretty cool to see stuff appear on the screen as a direct result of her pecking (and slamming) away on the flat keyboard.

She usually chatters or sings as she's hitting the keys and did just that for the first few minutes....then she went quiet....I should have known better

You okay? I asked her from behind the couch as I was on my way into the bedroom

Her little blond noggin popped up and she says with a grin on her face

I okay Mama! Just picking up......

I never questioned what she was picking up...I really should have

I came back into the family room five minutes later to find Lucy kneeling in front of the computer (which I had placed on the floor for her) and systematically touching the keys one by one...

What are you doing Lucy?


Lucy, what are you doing?

She stands up with her hands behind her back and starts giggling

I playing Mama!

And with that, she opens her hands and shows me these little black tiles and white plastic things that bear a slight resemblance to the plastic tabs that hold the loaf of bread closed

What are those Lucy?

I bent down to take a closer look and see my keyboard....with no less than 10 keys missing


Thank you Mama!


For letting me play on your computer...!

And she stands up on her tippy toes with her lips pursed for a kiss

You're welcome Lucy......

I gave her the kiss her so sweetly asked for and sent her off to play with something else
I repaired what I could (the N and M are still a bit wonky and there is no key for Caps Lock) and after my repair work was done, I explained to Lucy what she had done

I sorry Mama

That's okay Lucy. But no more pulling keys off Mummy's computer

I won't Mama...I broke Mama's computer?

You did honey, but Mummy fixed it...

She leaned over and inspected the keypad....

'Cept for that one? she pointed to the N.
And that one? she pointed to the M
And that one? she pointed to what should have been Caps Lock

Yes Lucy, except for those three

Oh...guess I really broke those ones huh?

Lucy entertained herself Sunday afternoon for a spell by putting her stuffed animals on the floor in front of the couch, jumping up and down on the couch for a 10 count and then leaping off the couch landing in her stuffed with her legs folded under her......basicaslly, she was landing on her shins....but I guess when you're 29.2lbs, you can do that

Daddy was there while she was doing it and as much as I disapproved, he assured me she was fine and the animals were cushioning her fall...who am I to argue

Monday night, while I was fixing dinner, Lucy pushed all her animals back onto the floor and regardless of my warnings (4) and my orders to not jump (5), I heard her hit the floor


She giggled

Are you okay?

Yeah Mama! I jump!

I know you did! You scared Mummy

I not scary Mummy, I silly!

Maria, the Mum

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