Monday, August 22, 2011

The Sick House

Lucy spent the past week sick - throwing up, diarrhea, summer cold and cough....throw in her molars trying to break through and a growth spurt, a sick Daddy and a tired Mummy and you can only imagine what the last week has been like at our house.

A recap of the week:
Sean caught throw up in his hand...twice. As you may or may not recall, throw up is Sean's Kryptonite. Nonetheless, he was a trooper and twice when his little girl was throwing up, he bravely threw his cupped hands under her mouth to catch it...

We let Lucy watch TV more than we normally would while she was home sick - it kept her resting on the couch (she would often doze over the course of a movie) and allowed us to still get some work done (selfish, I know but lest we forget, we both have full time jobs)
Her favorite movie right now is Pooh's Heffalump Movie. It's a cute little 68 minute ditty about the friends from the 100 Acre Wood capturing a Heffalump...we watched it so many times, Lucy now recites the lines with the characters and can sing the score (provided by the ever talented and lovely Carly Simon)

Lucy also wanted to watch a Princess movie and chose Sleeping Beauty. We made it to the end of the movie and she looks at me and says
Next time Mama, we watch Cars

At one point, Lucy's legs, fingers and toes were covered in band aids...for an afternoon, she also had one on her cheek....and her belly....why? Because her belly hurt...and her arms and legs hurt....any where that Lucy felt pain or just seemed to hurt, a band aid was placed....To be fair, she did have a legitimate boo boo on the biog toe of her right foot - that was the only real wound.
When I took her to see Dr Harper, I felt like I had to justify why I caved in to my daughter's demands for band defense? Well, Band Aids are better than tattoos...and they're on sale at Target right now...

Covered in Band Aids, Lucy informed me she was just like the whales in Burt Dow, Deep Water Man....but she doesn't have a seagull, can we get her a pet seagull.....? Please Mama?

I was having a much needed cup of coffee Saturday when Lucy looks at me and says
I don't like coffee Mama
Oh well, that's okay Lucy
You like coffee Mama?
I do.....
I don't...
Oh...Ok (I was not sure what else to say)
I like you Mama
I like you too Lucy
Good Mama...but I don't like coffee

We missed, for the second year in a row, Benjamin's birthday party (last year, we missed it because of this, you could just skip to the section called Time to Get Your Folk On but frankly, the whole post is pretty amusing)

By Saturday, I think we all had a bit of cabin fever. We needed to get out. Lucy's suggestion? Target!

Maria, the Mum

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