Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lucy could be Pooh Bear

Sean and Lucy decided we should have cupcakes for my birthday instead of a cake (which is perfect as there are no leftovers) Per Lucy, we had to also get a cupcake for Roger and Kristen.

I got Lucy home last night and the first thing she asked was
Mama...I have cupcake?

After being asked 4 times, and telling her 4 times that she could not have a cupcake until she ate dinner, Lucy finally asked
Mama...I hungry...I have dinner?

One hot dog and two servings of cauliflower and broccoli later, Lucy was ready to have her cupcake....

Problem was Sean was stuck in traffic and no where near home

So I did my best to stall....
But within 15 minutes, Lucy was no longer in the mood to be stalled.

I called Sean and determined that he was still at least 10 minutes away - no way I could hold Lucy off so with Daddy on speaker phone (and Lucy yelling Daddy you there? You there Daddy? but giving him no chance to respond) we lit the candles and Lucy and Daddy sang me Happy Birthday....though I think Lucy might have actually been singing Happy Birthday Dear Lucy instead of Dear Mummy but who am I to get hung up on details?

Song sung, candles blown out, Lucy yelled
Now I have cupcake?!?!?!!

And have cupcake she did

She held it above her head and yelled
She licked it, just to get a taste of the frosting and looked at me and said

Then, with no warning,  dropped her face right onto the cupcake..which by the way is covered mile high in frosting

That baby laughed, giggled, squished and squeezed frosting all over the place!
She scooped it up in her fingers and licked them clean

Look Mama! I Winnie Pooh!

And she did look just like Winnie the Pooh with his hand stuck in the honey pot

It was more fun watching her enjoy the cupcake then it would have been eating one myself
By the time Sean got home, Lucy had frosting spread from cheek to cheek, chin to forehead and hand to elbow. I'm not even sure she actually took a bit of the cake itself, she may have just eaten the frosting

So with Lucy giggling and covered in frosting, we tossed her in the sink, hosed her off a bit and banished her to the tub for a scrubbing

Best birthday ever......

Maria, the Mum

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