Thursday, August 18, 2011

That was the deal....

Lucy has been sick all week so she's not really been at day care...that is she was there all day Monday, 1/2 day Tuesday and home Wednesday. She made it until 11am today when I got a phone call to pick her up.
I phoned the doctor as her behavior and symptoms have been a bit baffling and we wanted to make sure it was nothing we needed to be overly concerned with.

The doctor's office called shortly after we got home and moments after Lucy woke up (she feel asleep on the 7 minute drive home)

As I was speaking to the nurse, Lucy was in the background coughing, gagging and crying all at the same time. The nurse said say no more, bring her in at 1:30.

In an effort to hurry her up and get her to go with little or no argument, I tried to bribe Lucy (not one of my prouder moments)

Lucy, we're going to see Dr Harper
No thank you Mama, I no want to go
I know honey but Dr Harper just wants to make sure you are okay
I *cough cough, sputter sputter* OK Mama! Just snuggle Lucy..and she climbed up into her bed with a half whine and a half cry
Honey, I know you don't want to but we need to - to make sure you're okay. And after we see Dr Harper, how about we go get an ice cream?
How about just ice cream? Lucy counter offers
How about Dr Harper than ice cream? (good come back Maria, brilliant)

We eventually made our way, with little resistance, to the appointment.

Dr Harper decided that we need a couple cultures (nose and throat) and a quick finger prick to collect a bit of blood for testing. Lucy, none too keen on the Dr's office to begin with, began to wail as soon as we stepped into the lab waiting room...the tech, Alison, threw down her own bribe f a lollipop for Lucy and for Clifford (her stuffed red dog) when the test were all done. Lucy picked a blue one for herself and a red one for Clifford.

As she and I made our way back down the hall to the exam room, Lucy looks at me and says

You still get Lucy ice cream Mama, that was the deal.....lollipop no count!

Maria, the Mum

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