Thursday, August 11, 2011

Everybody, Close the drawer

All together now!
We'll be driving home and I'll say who did you play with today?
One by one, she'll list all the kids is her class, in the class next door, all the teachers and then she concludes it by saying with lilt in her voice and emphasis on the last syllable, everyBODY!

I'll ask her which animal she wants to take to school with here and she'll do the same thing....she'll start listing whatever animals are in her line of vision (usually no less than 12) and even throw in a few she has not seen for days and end with everyBODY!

I'll ask her who she's like to come to her house to play this weekend and she'll again start with all the kids in her class, throw in Lori and Kevin for good measure, sometimes Noni and Papa and always ends with everyBODY!

Lucy had a short crying jag yesterday morning. When she was done, she informed her Dad

Daddy I happy now, I not crying anymore!!

Lucy wanted to make sure Daddy knew everything was okay so she continued:

Lucy happy! Mummy happy! Daddy happy! Eeyore happy! Tigger happy! EveryBODY happy!

I never close anything....when I open a drawer or a closet door to get something, I never totally close it.
I'll turn off a light when I leave the room but I am terrible at closing things....

Last night, after dinner, Lucy supervised while I made lunches and cleaned up a bit in the kitchen.
I went in and out of the pantry a few times and each time, never actually closed the door...Lucy would come up behind me and say

Mama! All done?
Yes Lucy...
Mama! Close the door!
Sorry Lucy!

She'd shake her head and close the door

Twice, I went into the drawer for a serving spoon or some sort of utensil and did not close the drawer all the way. Lucy came along behind me and pushed it closed without saying a word. The third time she did it, she sort of slammed it loudly.....I turned to look and make sure she did not hurt herself....she had her hands on her hips and just tapped her foot at me....but never said anything

After her bath, I took just a few minutes to put away the basket of laundry that had been sitting at the food of our bed for a couple days. I started in our room and then worked my way over to Lucy's room. I passed her in the hall as she headed into our I leaned back to see what she was doing. Sure enough, she was closing the drawer on my dresser I had left open. I ducked into her room and put her clothes away closing one drawer all the way but not quite pushing the other one closed.

Lucy pushed it closed, looked at me and said in quite an exasperated tone:

MAMA! All done?

I nodded

She took a deep breath and said

Sorry Lucy....
That's okay Mama, just try to 'member next time....I love you!

Maria, the Mum

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