Tuesday, August 9, 2011


In honor of my 39th year, I give you 39 of my favorite things in no particular order:

My Mum and Dad
My brother
My sisters
My nieces and nephews
The moon
That 10 minutes right before you are fully awake...coming out of a dream that may or may not be real
Blizzards from Dairy Queen. Whomever invented Blizzards is a genius in my book
Chocolate and peanut butter....even more in a Blizzard
The towels in the Hilton Hotel
The Bourne Movies
Harry Potter
Stretching, scratching and pooping (no secrets here)
Chocolate butternut donuts...hard to find
#2 Pencils
July 4th
The National Anthem
My gray sweatshirt
My Pandora Bracelet
The Wyeth Artists
The Boston Skyline
The New England Aquarium
Kettle Korn
Lucy's laugh
Rain storms
The Preamble
2004...every once in a while, I still find myself saying Holy shit! We won the World Series...2007 hasn't even hit me yet.....
Branston pickle sandwiches
Beatrix Potter
Project Runway and Top Chef.....I know nothing about fashion, less about sewing and am not that great of a cook
NPR and PBS.....why is this such a shock? Click and Clack...Sesame Street...there is stuff to love in both those places

Maria, the birthday girl

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